At the Australian College we provide a safe, happy, secure and stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually building on their existing knowledge and taking into account their stage of development. We believe that by providing developmentally and culturally appropriate programs for each child we will foster a love of learning.

We believe that children are competent learners and are able to communicate ideas, problem solve, make decisions, explore, investigate and co-operate with others, to develop skills and knowledge. We aim to develop life- long skills in communication, social development and the ability to inquire, hypothesis, experiment and investigate to find answers using a variety of resources.

We value each child as unique and capable and aim to develop the whole child by differentiating the curriculum to cater for a wide range of interests, abilities and level of development. We value each child for their abilities at their age and their sense of ‘being’ is respected in the process of planning for experiences, resources and learning environments.

At Australian school, we believe that children learn through play. We aim to provide individualize and group play experiences inside and outside to stimulate play that is related to their interests. We believe children need to play collaboratively with others. We believe that children learn best when using open ended materials, scaffolding, intentional teaching, spontaneous planning and developmentally appropriate activities. Through ongoing observations, evaluations and reflection we are able to provide enriching play experiences that promote learning using the Early Years Learning Framework as our scaffold.

We know that the children learn best when a relationship and partnership is developed with parents and educators so that family values and interests are catered for to develop the interests of the child. Children can develop strong secure relationships with staff members at Australian College so that they ‘belong’ to our unique environment and community. We aim to provide an environment that is caring and supportive building a bridge between home and kindergarten.

We encourage children to develop their self- help skills and a growing independence by providing opportunities, direction, modelling and instruction for them to feed, dress, toilet and hand wash, look after their belongings and manage their behavior and emotions.

We value our unique position in our local community and strive to be an inclusive and welcoming environment that fosters the wellbeing of staff, families and children. The families and staff’s cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced and acknowledged with an emphasis on partnerships with families and the community being encouraged.

The staff at Australian School are all qualified or working towards an early childhood qualification. They are professional and work collaboratively with each other to provide the best educational outcomes for each child. They attend professional development courses, staff training and use peer appraisal and self- reflection to further their own learning and to improve their learning programs. 

We believe that the environment at Australian College should be beautiful, exciting and ever changing to excite and inspire children in their play and learning. We believe that children have a sense of wonder about our world and environment and they are able to help make our environment more sustainable.

The overall aim of our school is to provide a happy and secure learning environment for children and families to belong to while guiding them on their individual journey of lifelong learning,

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